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FWD: Under-Construction

Dear friends,

Thanks for visiting us, but we are still working on our "Urban Dance Network" for choreographers and dancers. Based out of Utah Valley, FWD: Friends Who Dance is our love-child between the cast of “Friends” and “Step Up”... or at least we wish! By combining elements of urban-dance, storytelling, cinematography, and pop-culture into our videos, we aim to redefine the public’s perception of dancers in the next generation of thinkers, athletes, and artists. 

In our first 3 years, we have created an iOS app for choreographers (SongMark), toured internationally in China TWICE (China Reacts), and recently won/lost (what?) in a national collegiate dance competition hosted by Red Bull. Feel free to check it out over at:

Right now we are currently Top 16 in Red Bull's National Dance Challenge! If you'd like to know voting times and join our journey, check us out on insta---> (   


Friends Who Dance

Episode 1-5 

"FWD: An Unexpected Journey"

Cinematography: @mylesozo

Creative Director:

Friends Who Danced:

@_alexfuchs @debbehjane @jasminequinton 

@jerricapage @_kennacakes @keykovelazquez @supremehero  


Our Journey Has Only Begun...

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