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Tips for Filming Concept Dance Videos to Showcase Artistic Choreography & Videography

Concept dance videos have become increasingly popular over the years, as they offer a unique and creative way to showcase choreography and artistic expression. Whether you're a dancer or a filmmaker, creating a concept dance video can be an exciting and challenging endeavor. Here are some tips for filming a concept dance video:

1. Plan the Concept and Choreography

The first step in creating a concept dance video is to plan the concept and the choreography. This involves choosing a theme or idea that will be the focus of the video, and creating choreography that reflects that theme. Collaborate with the dancers and other creatives (videographer, editor, promoters, etc.) involved in the project to develop a clear and cohesive vision.

2. Scout the Location

The location of the shoot can play a crucial role in the concept dance video. Choose a location that complements the theme and adds visual interest to the video. Scout the location beforehand to ensure that it's safe and suitable for filming. Consider the lighting and acoustics of the location, as these can affect the quality of the video.

3. Use the Right Equipment

Using the right equipment is essential for filming a concept dance video. Invest in a high-quality camera, or use a HD phone with attachments, that can capture the details of the choreography and the movement of the dancers. A tripod or stabilizer will help keep the camera steady and minimize shaky footage. Consider using a microphone or other audio equipment to capture the sound of the dance if needed. Other equipment to consider that might elevate your production includes drones, lighting, props, and/or pyrotechnics (advanced only).

4. Plan the Shots

Planning the shots for the video is crucial for capturing the essence of the concept and the choreography. Consider the angles and perspectives that will best showcase the movement and emotion of the dance. Plan a variety of shots, including wide shots, close-ups, and tracking shots, to add visual interest and depth to the video. Make sure to consider the dancer's wardrobe in each shot and that it compliments the shots and location.

5. Edit with Care

Editing is the final stage of creating a concept dance video. Take your time to edit the footage carefully, paying attention to the pacing, rhythm, and visual effects. Make sure every move is on time and on beat, if possible validate timing with the choreographer. Consider using color grading and other effects to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the video. Dub music and/or add other sound effects to complement the dance and add depth to the video. More advanced techniques to look into might include keying/tracking, multi-cam, time-warping (editing speed to fix 'off-beat' takes), etc.

6. Showcase on the Right Platform

Once your video is finalized it is time to find the right platform to showcase it on, if you haven't decided already. As you should know, dance communities come in all different shapes, sizes, and specialties. Social media is great if your video shows the latest trends and dance moves, typically more Top-40 music, fun, and shorter (>5 mins). Film festivals are great for longer videos, deeper subject matter, and non-Top-40 music. Maybe you have your own website you want to showcase from or even possibly sell it from? Sure why not. In the end you are the one who decides where it should be showcased, but make to consider all the pros/cons of each platform for your specific video.

In conclusion, filming a concept dance video requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a collaborative approach. By planning the concept and choreography, scouting the location, using the right equipment, planning the shots, and editing with care, you can create a stunning and memorable video that showcases the beauty and power of dance. So get creative, collaborate with your team, and bring your concept to life on film!

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