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"Unlocked" YouTube Space LA [FWD: Worldwide]

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Welcome Friends,

We've had some exciting developments for our urban dance network! Recently a few of our friends (Justin, Hero, Jerrica, and PJ) took a trip out to "Unlock" YouTube Space LA. What this means is that FWD⏩ now has monthly access to state of the art equipment, workshops, editing suites, studio space, and much more! Checkout a quick clip we put together on our first day figuring out how it all works:

In the meantime, we have also been working on our app, SongMark which has been receiving over a million impressions a month. Our next move is to create an update for better conversion rates, along with some awesome new features (🤫), than that of the previous version. Here take a look at some statistics from the last month:

Monthly Impressions are up 4%!
SongMark App Analytics - 5.14.19

Moving forward, we plan to continue "Unlocking" YouTube Spaces worldwide as part of our mission to offer quality information about content creation to dancers. Classes, events, and workshops all coming soon so be ready! Also a couple of us will be in Houston this weekend for the Red Bull BC One qualifier... feel free to say hi 👋



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