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v3.0 is still coming...

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

PS. Update 2022 - We are still developing v3.0 which will be a whole new direction. For now just hang tight...

Hey friends,

We hope all of you are staying safe during this "quaran-time"! With many studios closed around the country we know many of you are still staying active by dancing at home. Some of you might be using YouTube tutorials, learning all the hottest choreo trends on TikTok, or maybe you even have a subscription to Steezy Studio. Either way you dance, we're just glad you do.

It's been a crazy number of years since we first launched 'Version 1' of our dance assistant for iOS. From trips to Hip Hop International where we met Chad Mayate (see above photo), to hosting our first choreography competition, to unlocking YouTube Space for future events & classes in Los Angeles and New York, we are happy to continue serving the dance community, competitions, and commercial industry.

Our newest release, v3.0, will be another great step forward in our mission to create the "best dance assistant. period.", and is set to release soon. We are still working hard on the newest iOS release and if you would like to be a Beta Tester and receive an early release, email us ( or sign up below. All Beta Testers will receive free stickers in exchange for feedback.

Here's what to expect in the new release:

Simultaneous Video Recording!

Users will be able to play music & record videos at the SAME TIME. No more need for an extra phone or camera when practicing, rehearsing, performing, teaching, etc.

Mark, Speed, Loop, & Mirror YouTube Videos!

Easily import YouTube videos and enjoy all our original features such as setting cue-points, changing the speed, and looping specific sections. We are also adding a mirror function for easier learning of YouTube choreography. All iWatch control compatible.

More iWatch Controls!

Our current version already has great controls for getting to any second remotely in front of the class/studio/etc. The next version will add controls for looping music/videos remotely as well as controls for starting to record. Perfect for people who record away from their phone when dancing, etc.

Thanks for checking out our post we hope to hear from you! If you would like to join the Beta Testers please sign up below for an early (FREE) release. Until next time... ✌️



PS. Update 2022 - this is old news. we are going a new direction, and I'll drop it when we're ready.

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