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Being Content "Forward" in 2019? | Our 100 Video Challenge #NewYearNewUs

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Welcome friends! 🤙

Forward isn't any different than your average American person. Every year most of us set new goals for ourselves and Business Insider says 80% of us will fail by February. How sad. Well it's a new year and a new us, so it's a new chance to make new videos... Let's try it!

In 2019, FWD has made it a priority to collaborate with more dancers, choreographers, and videographers to create an environment that is content "forward". But we don't want to make any old "content". We want to make valuable content. Content that gives you, the audience, a sense of engagement. Have a topic for an article? Tell us. Have an idea for a video? Tell us. Want tips and tricks for dance videos? Tell us. Are you a dancer, choreographer, or videographer and want to collaborate? Tell us.

Feel free to email us at or comment on our YouTube channel!

Ps. Checkout our upcoming classes, events, tours, and video shoots!

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Friends! Stay in the know!

Welcome to the circle!

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